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  1. Bad Smell Inside Car

    Definitely sounds like your cat mate! My old fiesta used to do the same, wouldn't worry about it, i got used to the egg smell in the end!
  2. new today

    Loving the new shape!! How are you finding it?
  3. HID Kit!

    Hi, just thought i'd let you know i just fitted the HID kit on my fiesta. Got it from in the end and it looks awesome! Loads more light and has the look of the new bmw's mercs and range rovers. Looks sweet as! Will try and take pics to compare with my old lights which were fitted as standard and put them on here. Thanks for your replies guys!
  4. HID Kit!

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to upgrade my (rubbish) halogen headlights to an HID conversion kit to get more light and a better look but don't really know much about them. Have visited a website who have got a range of these kits and just wondered if anyone had any advice for me?? Cheers!!