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  1. .. 1.25 zetec se fiesta 51 plate -- and now after saving some money the last few years im looking too either buy a fiesta or focus ST -- any major pros or cons too either? also where would people suggest selling high quality hertz amps and speakers and custom build for the same car? Thanks Also on the car questuion im only 23 so insurance is an issue Gaz
  2. PS3 or Xbox?

    360 :) just because online mode is far far better than that of the ps3 -- even if you do have too pay for the priveledge :/
  3. New Member

    Nothing quite like that new car smell ! Enjoy it.
  4. Hey Im New!

    ohhh and i forgot too add im from the midlands :)
  5. Hey Im New!

    Hey just joined the site im currently driving a 1.25 mk4 fiesta - the zs lookalike. But im currently going through splitting this and selling certain parts - after which im going too be looking at buying a fiesta ST or a focus of sorts so expect too see me in the buying/selling bits and bobs section :)