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  1. Which tyres?

    Option 4. Swap front for rear and carry on. Most of the tyres you see advertised at tyre shops at £15 have 3mm or less.
  2. Hidden exhaust outlet

    Found a pic.
  3. Hidden exhaust outlet

    Carefully trim the diffuser to fit the tail pipe you fit. Check Halfords or Demon Tweeks.
  4. Servicing recommendations

    Or, if you intend to keep the car, why not take out a service plan? For about £120 initial payment and 36 monthly payments of around £21 you get 5 full Blue Services, and 3 MoTs. That 5 years sorted and you get a 12 month roadside assistance to boot, Saving you around £39 pa or whatever you pay for breakdown cover.
  5. Servicing recommendations

    Ford main dealers charge about £185 for a full service.
  6. Fiesta satnav

  7. focus tintted rear lights pictures

    What's the point?
  8. Genuine question please.....

    It stops rain running of the roof into a partially opened window.
  9. Check the brochure. Red stitching to the seats and carpets. Black wheels. Unique ST Line steering wheel. Black headlining.
  10. Spraying inside of headlights ?

    I've seen such a tutorial. can't remember where., but it involves baking your headlight in the oven to loosen the glue used to fix the lense to the casing.
  11. rhd/lhd headlights

    I think that you will find that in France headlight converters are a legal requirement.
  12. Tough power steering

    If it needs a pump, then it needs a pump no matter how expensive it is. If the fluid is correct and tyres OK, no leaks and the drive belt isn't slipping then thats the initial checks, Jack the car up and see if the steering is still stiff. Find yourself an independant garage to get a quote.
  13. Am I out of luck for remapping?

    Use a price comparision site. Or, buy a Bluefin remap. This you can remove if the inevetible happens.
  14. You may regret it if your wheel falls off.