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  1. Find your local car paint supply shop. they will be able to make it and put it in an aerosol.
  2. Top of the Fiesta home page. SUBFORUMS. Ford parts. Brings up all the items for sale on ebay. Select the category and then item you require.
  3. A blank remote key ,cutting and programming is £150 from the AA.
  4. If you wait till after April 1st you will be hammered with the new vehicle tax rules.
  5. AS MarkST says, Ford fit steering rack limiters to all cars with 17 inch wheels. If Fords fit them there must be a reason. Even though they are only a few quid, Fords wouldn't fit them for no reason, They cut everything to the bone to cut costs.
  6. Bought another ZS. as in my profile pic. Old one was race red and 125bhp. I was lying in bed at 0100 and heard an electronic bleep. I thought my phone battery was flat, but the bleeping carried on. I got up to investigate and looked out f the window when i saw the led DRLs come on my car. I grabbed my keys and tried to relock the car. I phoned the police on my mobile but it was blocked due to the car trying to connect to emergency assistance. I phoned on the land line and as the car was driving off the police were adding it to the ANPR system. Not much hope at 0100. We even have CCTV on the housing complex, not that its much use, but the theives don't know that. Different faze them at all. I suppose I was lucky that I was in my boxers or I might have gone to confront the theif. someone reminded me later that a guy was murdered and his father injured less than 1/2 mile away when they went to confront moped theives.
  7. Now also bought a disklok and a steel safe for the OBD port. Not cheap but cheaper than the increase in my insurance premiums , the inconvenience and any personal extra items not covered by insurance.
  8. No, not recovered, its either in a container or on cloned plates.
  9. He's lucky it was only the grill. I had my car stolen 4 weeks ago. It was gone in less than 2 minutes. Now have to pay out more money to add protection to stop the vumerability of cheap electronic equipment from ebay.
  10. I I think you will find that V7 is the latest. you will also find instructions for the satnav in the drivers handbook.
  11. Never done this myself, but previous post regards fitting the LED lights suggest that the plug is different and if you convert the plug the system will need updating by Ford. Add to that the cost of Fiesta headlights at around £200 each, new. I cannot rememeber anyone saying that they have successfully carried it out.
  13. If you are happy with what you have, stick with them.
  14. If it was serviced at a Ford main dealer you may well find out that they don't stamp the book unless asked. The record is kept on their computor system.