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  1. Standard fuses are the norm. Halfords sell the piggy back connectors. Don't be afraid of breaking anything, the job is really comparitivily easy. Tuck the cable up intp the headlining. pull the rubber door seal away from the corner of the door shut, tuck the cable behind the front door pillar . At the base of the dash there is a small slot., feed the cable through here to the fuse board. This where the problem lies, which fuse to connect to? Different models have differnet wiring schemes. You really need a meter to test which is permanent live and which is switched, (ignition). If you talk to Halford nicely they may do this for you or take it to an auto electrian, normally costs around £35.00.Around a 30 minute job.
  2. Yes it will, obviously the camera cannot see through the black masking so will have to be placed under it or to the side.
  3. I just set mine to Auto Time GPS, and ticked the box British summer time, worked OK.
  4. I had a Road Angel Halo, front and read cameras, worked ok. with road mapping and gps. Now got a Thinkware 750. Better than the Halo. Front and rear cameras,1080p full HD, 30fps., road safety warning system (lane wandering and potential risks of frontal collision) road safety camera warning system (speed cameras, red light cameras and mobile camera areas.). Motion detection and impact recording. Can be viewed on a smart phone with the built in Bluetooth. Came with a 32gb micro sim card which can be viewed on a Pc or smart phone. The f[rm who supply and fit them Fleet Track Solutions near Chelmsford have them on their vehicles and have them wired to record permantly, so no missing incidents. I've followed their advice. Not cheap, but you only get what you pay for, £230 fitted. What price a disputed accident.
  5. I think you will find that the bumper extensions on the Mk 7 are slightly different to the 7.5.and yes you will need to fit the extensions.
  6. Is the power not disconnected when the door is opened?
  7. Check the for sale forum.
  8. I found that 2 aerosol cans and a tad of patience does a very good job at a fraction of the price of a spray shop.
  9. Strangely, the Ford satnav is TomTom., but for some strange reason its been messed around with. Works OK once you get used to it, the warning tone for speed cameras, road obsructions could do with being louder.
  10. I hate it when drivers ratchet the handbrake, click. click. click. click, then wonder why the handbrake fails. The teeth and the pawl are worn out. I depress the button pull lever up and release the button, Never had a problem and the way it had to be done if you converted your handbrake to fly off for handbake turns.
  11. Apart from the looks and a few commom parts, its unfortunately nothing like you could buy from your Ford agent. When there used to be local car clubs there were privateers who could build fast road/special stages cars and race them. Saturday nights used to be a fun time for 12 car night road rallys. My mate had what was then considered to be the fastest Lotus Escort in the UK. I had a full works Escort Mexico replica ., built up from a shell bought from Fords AVO. Had a race with some German police in a BMW on an autobahn early one morning. Unfortunately these days are long gone apart from a lucky few who can afford the costs.
  12. This old topic again. I have a full size 17inch alloy as my spare. It fits fine, OK the carpet doesn't lay as flat as witha space saver, but hey. it's not the end of the world. If you use the inflation kit, no one will repair your tyre, you'll have to buy a new one and just hope that the fitter will clean the gung off the rim, don't bank on it. If you have a spacesaver it's limited to 5omph and a distance of 50miles, not much use if it'd 0200hrs and you are 200 miles from home. Buy an alloy the same as you already have, then when you change it you can leave it on till you get around to have your flat fixed. The brakers yard are full of damaged Festers, just spend a little time sourcing one and the jack and wheel brace. Hopefully you will never need it, but if you do, you know that it was money well spent. Don't buy from a dealer. it's cheaper from a breaker.
  13. Buying an expensive after market exhaust most probably won't make much difference apart from noise.To get any power gains you need to buy more add ons. I'd stick with a standard exhaust.
  14. You paid £1000 to bring your car up to standard, it doesn't make it worth more. A car is only worth what it's worth unless someone wants to pay more for what ever reason. Book price is based on condition, mileage and age. Your car is worth what every other similiar car is worth. Buy the salvage and see if you can get more than £700. Also consider that your car is 14 years old.
  15. This news article should answer your question. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3741536/Driver-21-killed-three-friends-coasted-hill-neutral-save-petrol-trip-McDonald-s.html