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  1. I had a 08 plate 1.6 TDI Sport van, Fantastic performance, no problems with it all. Only went because the car was £20 VED abnd the van. exactly the same animal was £220 VED. Drove it full steam all the time, can't tell you the mpg. It never bothers me. I can't believe that people pick a car for the mpg over another a bit lowerr.
  2. Nothing is thiefproof. as you say if they want it they will get it. It's your job to make it as difficult as possible so they will look elsewhere. It takes more than a few seconds to remove a Disklok, even with a battery disc cutter. There is a utube video from a Landrover Dfender site showing this and it's not as easy as you think. But with a Disklok they cannot tow your car away. The steering lock is not infallable, easily broken. The perimeter alarm is disabled when they unlock your door. Cars are stolen every day. To start the car they need access to the OBD port (unless you have keyless start, worst idea possible) Secure the OBD port, you never need access to it on a daily basis.. That only leaves towing. loading onto a trailer or lifitng. Apart from chaining down not much you can do about it, But at least you have tried and won't be alarmed when you get up in the morning. or see you car being driven away at 1 o/c in the morning., and all the hassle of personal property , increased premiums and being carless.
  3. Yes I do have one fitted. The cost to buy is £125, £165 fitted. Well made and "Sold Secure" from Thatcham. You can fit it yourself, around 30 minutes if they send the correct instructions and you have done a course in gynacology. They will never break in to it. Its made from drawn steel. The photo on this listing is not how it looks when fitted to the vehicle.
  5. LEDs are polarity sensitive, Pos must go to pos. Turn the bulb through 180 degrees.
  7. If you start the car the current should increase to over 12v.. Don't forget that leds are current sensative, Pos must go to Pos and Neg to Neg.
  8. Connect the unit to a 12v source, battery, battery chager. see if it lights up.
  9. It's only a 5 watt bulb that fits into the headlight unit. No way would the unit be at fault. Try a known working bulb in the holder, Test the holder for current, then work backwards to the main loom.
  10. Check the sub sections here.
  11. I don't think so. No doubt I'll be corrected if I'm wrong.
  12. Are you insured to drive another car on your policy ? Leave it in his name, if it's taxed and insured just drive it home. If it's taxed and insured you can park it on the road. You'll have 2 months to decide what to do with it. If you decide to keep it , transfer it to yourself. tax it and insure it. If you transfer it NOW, you'll have to either tax it or SORN (Statutary Off Road Notification) at the same time. If you sorn it you will have to keep it off the public road. All this can be done on line. I tthink you are making this too complicated.
  13. That's the complete bulb, it doesn't come apart. You replace the whole thing.
  14. I havd a Bluefin hand held device,(used once before car was nicked with the map installed.) Superchips will reset it and sell a new map for £225. Anyone wantto make a resonable offer?
  15. Show them the video. If you have concerns about anything on your car I cannot understand why you wait a month before doing anything about it. A 2014 Fiesta is not a "ST Line".