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  1. ST170 Problems

    Hi guys, I am wondering if anyone can help me to solve a couple of problems I have with my 52 plate ST170. Problem 1: Fuel Gauge - This does not display the correct reading. For example, on a full tank of fuel the gauge will display as full. However it will stay on full for a long time until it will start moving to 3/4 then 1/2. Between 1/4 and 1/2 tank on the gauge means that the tank is empty (the gauge does not move past 1/4 tank even when the tank is totally empty and the car will not start, the fuel low light does not come on either). I have been told that Focus dash panels can become faulty as confirmed by Ford, who will replace them under warranty. All instruments/ gauges on my dash appear to work correctly, apart from the fuel gauge. Could this be the offending item? I suspect that it could also be the fuel sender unit, which maybe sticking, thus sending an incorrect reading to the gauge? Could it be something else electrical? Problem 2: Occasionally when driving the engine will begin to surge/ fluff when accelerating (sometimes it can jerk the car like I have hit the rev limiter and drop power until I change gear) usually it is only fluffy and I simply change gear. This usually happens at around 4,500RPM. Although recently it has started happening at 3,000RPM, but since filling the tank and adding either STP or REDX injector cleaner the problem either goes away or isn’t as bad. I guess this could be one of many things: Dirty fuel – although I only full up at Shell stations (one of 2 in my area) Faulty fuel injector Blocked fuel filter ECU / Electrical Faulty fuel pickup Fuel filter I think my best bet would be to get it into Ford or some type of performance specialist so that they can run some diagnostics. I am just looking for some clues if anyone has had a similar problem, so if you could give me a heads for what it could possibly be, that would be appreciated! Cheers, Jamie