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  1. Hi im after a set in of normal zetec alloys in good condition. Please PM me with details.
  2. Ive just put a deposit down on a fiesta which has a DLS sub and amp install, just wondered if anyone had heared of these and could rate or slate them? (I'm not big on my ICE)
  3. I quite like it! Dunno if my eyes would hurt after owning it for a bit tho
  4. I was looking at a 2.2 cdti myself last month but ive opted for a smaller car (fiesta) having had mk2 mk3 and mk4 golfs then a mk1.5 and mk2 tdci focus I prefer the fords for some reason (had alot less problems too)
  5. The starter button is pretty cool but more of a novelty then a practicality. I prefer the look of the ZS imo but again could say thats just cosmetic and not a practicality improvement, both very nice cars tho
  6. Hey im new here but have been on a few car forums in the past, I currently own a 06 focus tdci which is currently up for sale and im looking for a Fiesta mk6.5 zetec-s tdci. I have previously had an 03 Focus zetec 115 TDCI, great car and wish I kept it to be honest but I fancy a change and getting something abit smaller!
  7. sweet, learn something new everyday!