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  1. Bumper Crack Repair

    I reversed in to a lamp post last night like a mug and got a crack in my bumper: Just wondering what my options are, I've never fixed something like this before but I'd rather try and do it myself than pay someone else rediculous amounts of money. The crack is slightly raised so I don't think I can fill it with repair kits. I've seen there's a hot weld method where I can melt both sides back together with a soldering iron. Has anyone tried this? i realise I'll have to sand it down and re paint it no matter what. Would it be cheaper to buy a new bumper? I've seen some on ebay for about £40 but they aren't the right colour and will need re painting as well.
  2. Basically all i want to do is install a sub, amp & a few speakers in my fiesta but apparently I can't connect these to the standard radio, i may need some adapters but i don't know which ones. can anyone tell me if this is true? here is a pic if it helps :D