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  1. The Car Is Here!

    Thanks, I look forward to more threads from yourself.
  2. The Car Is Here!

    I'm extremely bored to be honest. Gives me something to do whilst working, reactions are hilarious on this forum.
  3. The Car Is Here!

    Stop having an opinion, your bullying me! See how ridiculous it sounds?
  4. The Car Is Here!

    How about have some forum etiquette and keep your new car topic to 1 thread, saves bumping more important stuff off of the first page?
  5. The Car Is Here!

    4 threads is a bit boring though. Didn't realise this was a kiddies forum where you all are oh so sensitive. Edit: lol @ Bullying remark. Grow up.
  6. The Car Is Here!

    Ive had my zetec S for almost 2 years, and also have a mk6 zetec S which ive had for 5 years - thanks for the concern though.
  7. I Collect My Fiesta Metal Tomorrow :d

    Looks sick, good choice
  8. The Car Is Here!

    Please, make more threads about this.
  9. Car Is On The Way

    I don't know. Maybe 4 or 5 more threads will help get the answer.
  10. What Iv Got And Not Got!

    Well it isn't, it's just one.
  11. Mk. 6 Engine Swap

    Does it have ABS? Check if there is wires going to the brakes as well as hydraulic hoses. If there is, all you need is the ST engine, clocks, ECU and engine loom (for less headache).
  12. Ford Insure Don't Allow K&n Induction Kits ... :-(

    LOL I'd love someone to ask me to fit one of those, I lol all the way to a £200 bill
  13. Ford Insure Don't Allow K&n Induction Kits ... :-(

    Im guessing your not planning on stopping at the induction? Cause you will be lucky to get 1-2 from an induction kit.
  14. Ford Insure Don't Allow K&n Induction Kits ... :-(

    Not worth it anyway tbh. I wouldnt cancel the insurance unless its not renewed yet as it will impact your ability to get cover later on.
  15. Engine Remapping

    Why would an intelligent box connect to the common rail sensor? An intelligent box would connect to the OBD port, like a bluefin. All these posh tuning boxes are is variable resistors.