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  1. Well I am now an expert on starter motors ! It was indeed a duff motor, the swopped one is now fitted and van is back on the road :D Thank's for your help
  2. Hi, New Varta battery ( 6 months old), battery tested and it is fine . Just swopped starter motor for one that definitely works. Here goes again ! Thanks for your help
  3. Hello to you all I have a Ford Transit Connect 1.8 and am a newbie, thought I would say Hi. Please let me know if there are any top tips etc for this site ?
  4. Hello I have a Transit Connect 1.8 (55 plate - 85k miles). Decided not to work when I came to drive it yesterday....just a single clicking noise and found out it was the starter motor. Tested it and it didn't work. Got a second hand one from a salvage firm today , fitted and now I have a series of clicks , still not working . Could this be a faulty starter motor or could it be a faulty solenoid? Any help appreciated....currently not going anywhere ! Thanks for your help
  5. Hello I have a Ford Transit SWB L200 Td - fab small van. Just having a few problems with the dash board Nice to meet you all.
  6. Hello I have a Transit Connect SWB L200 2005. Recently tha dashboard display : Speed , fuel etc and even the radio have gone wrong ! When driving the speedometer works intemittently - the dial goes crazy ! Bit hairy on the motorway. Will it be the electrics ? Ani ideas appreciated - Thank You