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  1. Hello everyone, About one year ago I purchased a 2002 Ford Focus 1.6 Petrol. The car at this time had done approx 25,000 miles. After having the car for about 2.5 months the engine management light came on. I took the car back to the garage and they diagnosed a camshaft position sensor fault. At this time they simply reset the fault (did not change anything). I took the car back and after a month the light came on again. Again, I took the car back to the garage and it showed the same fault. After several trips and lights showing the garage told me that they had replaced the sensor with a new original Ford part) and that they read the voltage output from the sensor and it was fine. (I have no proof they did this however). To cut a long story short the light still comes on and as I got fed up of going to the garage I purchased the software myself to find the fault code. The fault is still "camshaft position sensor wiring malfunction). I have taken the sensor out of the engine and I can not find any Ford part numbers on it. The car runs absolutely fine even when the light is on. When you reset the engine light it takes varying amounts of time to come back on, from days, weeks to months but it is always the same fault. What would you recommend? Haynes manual suggests measuring the resistance of the sensor? Is there any way I can easily check the wiring. Would it be worth buying a new sensor? Thanks Joshua