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    Hello folks. I bought an 04 Focus from a garage last year with a two year warranty. Not long after I got it the engine light came on so I put it back to the garage to get it looked at along with another couple of minor faults. They fixed the other faults, but said that it would have to go to the Ford dealer to run the diagnostic check. So I booked it in to the Ford dealer to get it checked out. But by the time that the appointment came up the light had went out. I called the dealer to let them know. They told me that if the light was out they wouldn't be able to find the fault. I've had the light coming on and off since. About a month ago I had the car in to a small garage to get a wheel bearing done. I mentioned the light problem to him. The light wasn't on at the time, but he did a diagnostic check for me anyway. The fault that came up was regarding the camshaft sensor. I asked him if this would be covered by the warranty, and he said it would. He also said the garage I bought the car from should have been able to find the fault without it going to the Ford dealer. So the advice I'm after is should I should take it to the garage I got the car from and insist that they get the problem sorted out before the warranty runs out in about six months time? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.