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  1. Escort Car theft

    Sorry to hear of your news lets hope nothing bad happens to the thieving little s*#ts. Open the window fully, lock the door from outside activating the alarm then lean in and open it from inside this will set off alarm (if its working). Hope this helps.
  2. Front brake seizing

    Hi all can anyone help me please my front driver side brake keeps seizing, this happens when becoming warm to the point of slowing me down to a halt. I had the brakes replaced a couple of months ago which i did myself, this problem seems to come and go and can be seized for a while then it seems to right itself, please any suggestions would be more than grateful.
  3. Ka central locking

    Hi all, Can at least someone offer some form of explanation please.? When upon using my key to unlock the doors on my Ka for some unknown reason the central locking continues to cycle over and over and doesnt stop until you shut the door/s. The problem only happens when unlocking and when doors or door are open, close the door it stops, you might say just shut the door but as in most cases you do have doors open a while and not just that its driving me mad. HELP PLEASE!! Ty