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  1. Try the internal light above your head. When mine rattled it sounded like it was on the other side of the car depending if you were driving or a passenger. Drove us bonkers
  2. Cheers Nathan, on the ball as ever :)
  3. I am after a wiring diagram for a 59 1.4 DIesel, esp to do with the dash/cruise control wiring. I have the cruise control working but have a loose conection somewhere which means when I hit a bump it sometimes cuts the cruise control off, then sometimes I have to wait for another bump before I can switch it back on. I have tried the Haynes manual one but it doesn't show it. I have also tried another switch which did the same. Does anyone know where the two wires from the dash go to from the steering wheel connector block as I don't want to dismantle half the dash tracing wires ! Thanks in advance
  4. Oh well, what a shame (Believe me you dont want to know what I really said). Can you give me a list of you movements (in the car) for the next 60 days please !!! LOL Are you anywhere down south or the M25 in the next month ? so we can meet up ? Cheers, Keith
  5. Hi Folks, I am hoping someone will have access to the Ford IDS system in the South east so I can update my cruise control on My 59 Fiesta. I intend to get the software from iNath, but as I am in Brighton and he lives far away I am hoping someoine may be able to help me ? Thanks, Keith
  6. I was quoted £62 to £83 depending which chip was in the key (Didn't have it on me) from the local hardware store for a non remote key. He thought it would be a standard £62 one. They just clone your original key
  7. I might be wrong, but I thought the procedure to code the remote does just that. It doesn't code the imbolizer chip built into the key. What I beleive is happening is that you are putting the old key in and turning the ignition on, then inserting the new key and coding the remote. The imobilzer will stay "live" for a short while (Around 2 minutes on my old Pug!), then cut off. This is why it works at first but then packs up. Hope it helps
  8. If you look inside the bumper and the grey plastic trim at the bottom of the bumper, you will see that the correct holes positions are marked in the plastic (I believe it was a circle with a x but not certain). I used a red hot needle, held in a pair of pliers to burn a very small hole hole in the bumper from the back. I then drilled the hole from the front and they lined up perfectly. Hope it helps
  9. Cheers for that, in my forties, full no claims, clean licence (just) with PSV and HGV, living on the south coast. So no need for Saga just yet (Maybe next month) Keith
  10. I am totally shocked at some of those quotes. I moaned about having to pay £243 to renew last December. I am dreading it this year.
  11. Great job, but the colour
  12. I did it to a old MK2 Astra, lots of smoke going down the by-pass but no damage. My mate did it to his escort and blew the engine. I would deff get it emptied before you drive it
  13. Just wondering if you would like me to run it for you while you are away ? OK, it was worth a try!!!
  14. When we went camping last year I took out the rear seats and the room seem to double
  15. Looks nice, but I would take it back as they have put the steering wheel on the wrong side ;) I have never really liked white cars, but the Fez in white looks great.