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  1. ello there, from another pompey person
  2. check the pipeing to the turbo, often the hose's come off, or check for split pipes,
  3. the dial sweep, normall means a bad earth somewhere, check and clean the earthing points up
  4. so who's up for a group buy on these, lol
  5. its a common problem, got the same issue on mine, but the bloke i'll get to do it has quoted me £300, (but thats paying him in cash) and thats doin both sides aswell, they might do it cheaper if u offer cash, best thing u can do is get a couple of quotes, then go from there
  6. Next cheapest thing 2 do is change leads & plugs, if that fails try cleaning the maf,
  7. Have a look around ebay or autotrade or have a look through ford classic car mags, that should u give a rough in what 2 ask 4 it, depending on condition of motor,
  8. Very nice looks mint, my 1st car was a mk3 2door 1.3 gl. Luvem
  9. best place to look is on ebay, to see what rough prices you'd get for the motor, my qts to u is it a 3 door or the 5 door? see if you can get some pics up, price wise with it being still oringal, i would so between £500 to a £1000,
  10. try useing gliptone,
  11. i know its not a xr3, but here's a pic of a mk3 i onced owned, out of the many i had over the years, soz bout the pics beenin so dark,
  12. Have look around on ebay or cyc clean your car, I use bilberry 4 starters, then use ironx, to take off the rest, both easy 2 use,
  13. With no paper of proof of pay ment u dont have a leg 2 stand on, With him keep frobbing u off he's takeing u 4 a ride big time, U either cut ur loses, or do as btmaldon says, Take some really big friends with u & get the key & paper work,
  14. u need to remove the air bag fuse, and then discount the battery in order to remove the steering wheel with the airbag inside,