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  1. Fumes Inside Car

    Not being a techie type of guy, but if it were leaking then where are the fumes coming from. As i say, if you stand outside the car or open the bonnet, there's no smell?? Just curious really. Im in south Lincolnshire near Kings Lynn.
  2. Fumes Inside Car

    I've changed the pollen filter, but i didn't think about the Heater Control valve as it didn't appear to be faulty ie. I was getting cold air on the cold setting and hot on the hot setting. I thought if the control valve was faulty/leaking then I would get hot air all the time regardless of what setting I had it on. Thanks I'll swap it out and see what happens.
  3. Fumes Inside Car

    Hi. I've recently purchase a 'T' reg 1.7 puma. Having driven it for the last 5 weeks, its developed a strange fault which I could do with some help with. At first there was a strange smell coming into the car when the engine warmed up and I put the heater on hot. Regardless of what speed I selected on the fan, the smell was coming through. However, more recently the smell has been coming in when the engine is warmed up regardless of if the heater is on cold/hot or even if its switched on in any of the 4 positions. Any one have any ideas on what could be causing this strange smell, could it be a leaking heater matrix (although there doesn't appear to be any leaks inside the car). The smell could well be engine fumes or something similar, but if you open up the bonnet after driving, there doesn't appear to be the same smell coming from the engine. Indeed standing outside the car, you can't smell anything. Its got to be something to do with the heater/cooling system but i've no idea what or where to start checking??? Cheers, Chris