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  1. Hi all Im looking at replacing my street pack 17s with a set of 16s but I really dont think they will fit. From what I can gather I think the fiesta sizes are 17x7" 4x108 and between ET30 - ET45. The alloys I am looking at are 16x8J 4x108 ET25. I am no expert but I am almost certain there will be no way to fit these fat wheels to the fiesta, can someone confirm my doubts?
  2. i dont suppose you are taking it apart and selling parts too or are you selling as it is? the parts in question would be your coilovers and maybe your alloys :D best of luck, hope you enjoy the job
  3. I can't post a photo but I can link you to a whole album of the very ones to give you an idea
  4. Looks good. I've got a set of the triple r composites eye brows just sitting in my room. I got them a couple months ago for £40 but never got round to fitting them. I'd sell them via PayPal for £30 if you want?
  5. When's it going up?
  6. I've only saw one of these in person and it looked good in my opinion but sadly it was on a 106 quicksilver. I was behind it, it started braking and the quicksilver logo was on the left and it said quicksilver after that. I can't imagine many others to look that great. I'm not a big fan of the current fiesta typeface myself though....
  7. if you want second hand wind deflectors, i'll offer you mine for £20 delivered. team heko ones I've had on since I got the car March 11.
  8. Do you still come on here Ben/still got your car? Would love to buy some bits when you go for the Beemer. This is also a bump for some new members to get inspiration! :)
  9. im only a 1.6 zetec s with 3 years no claims with direct line who quoted me my renewal at £600+ but after an online quote as a new customer, a phone call starting with a complaint i got it down to £350. quite chuffed as im 22 on tuesday!
  10. +1 (Y)
  11. Where are you from harweyko? I'm curious by the number plate, the fact you are driving on the right hand side and the advertisement in the background.
  12. Does the samco hose make any difference to how it sounds?
  14. Does the kit make any difference? I already have the k&n panel filter so all I need is the Sacco pipe which I can pick up on eBay for £25 which together with the panel filter I got would be a good £30 cheaper than mountune sell it for. But before I go and spend £25 will the pipe make any difference to the standard one? I'd quite like a bit more noise but I'm sceptical as to wether it will do anything.... Cheers