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  1. Stuck Seat

    Hi, Did you manage to remove the seat? I unbolted the 4 screws in front but in the rear part of the seat I can't see what I have to do... My left runner on the middle seat is stuck and won't move.. Thanks, Pedro
  2. Hi, For some time now I've started to hear a noise inside the engine compartment. Whenever I stopped the engine a noise, almost like a cow, sounded from the engine compartment. Just needed to start the engine and stop it immediately that the noise "was there"... I searched where the noise came from and I found 2 red "things" near the noise zone. I disconnected each at a time to see if any made the noise... for my "surprise" the one marked in the image made the noise... I was told it's the wastegate valve, that's "responsible" for controlling the air flow to the turbo and other stuff... I then, when I was told that, realized that the engine on steep climbs didn't respond as well as it should... Once I was going at 120km/h when I started the climb and 2Km latter, I was going at 110Km/h, on 6th gear... Not usual on a 2.0TDCi engine... On level roads I don't notice that problem, only when it's under "stress"... Could these two problems be related, it the red "piece" is really the wastegate valve?!? Since the valve is mechanic could the problem be in the actuator and not on the valve or can it be a "isolation" problem with the valve, some air leak?! Thanks in advance and regards, Pedro PS: Sorry for my english...