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  1. too many miles?

    Hi Mintalkin thanks for the info at least I know what DMF is now even it has made me more nervous (£800.00 :o) thanks anyway biker69
  2. too many miles?

    Hi :) thanks to all of you for your replies much appreciated. Mintalkin, what is DMF and what sort of checks would I need to do? biker69
  3. too many miles?

    Hi :) I have seen a 2002 02 Reg FORD Mondeo 2.0TDCi 130 LX for sale I would like to go for it but I am concerned about the amount of mileage on it, 176,000! :o, anyone got any idea of what mondeos are good for regarding miles, is this too many miles. Oh and the price is £1,750, what do you think? Any thoughts welcome, thanks biker69