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  1. Was meant to finish work at 4pm, still working tho, that's another 4 hours to the overtime total, still more to so tonight

  2. maybe so, but with this thread having over 300 views and only 13 reply's, 3 of which are mine, then im guessing ALOT of people were at least thinking what i said. you say im patronising, i say im stating the obvious unnecessary, maybe, but at some point someone would have said something, that,s the way it is.
  3. And a Happy New year to you to P.S im from planet Earth, you may have heard of it??
  4. Yes i did think, hence my reply. If my post offends you, then you should realize the internet is full of different views from different people, your views apparently differ from mine, therefore we see thing's differently. but honestly, struggling to fill a washer bottle and is out on the road driving, no wonder insurance is high and there is so many crashes.
  5. Its water and a bottle, how can you go wrong?? you can drive but have difficulty filing the washer bottle?
  6. where did you order it from? my local dealer is useless and not willing to help look for it
  7. ive used both methods, and a heat gun is way quicker and less hassle, cheaper i doubt, my heat gun wont ever run out there shouldn't be any risk of melting unless you let a 5 year old do it, the heat is applied by a steady passing movement, this doesn't allow heat to build up to the point of melting
  8. Use a heat gun, ive done this with almost every car ive had.
  9. 1. Gazjs - Kirkcaldy (Fife) 2. Dave2912 - Rosyth (Fife) 3. Zippy - Livingston (West Lothian) 4. artscot79-cowdenbeath-(fife) 5. McBean09 - Inverness 6. Bashful - Edinburgh 7. fiesta _zetec-x - Hamilton (Lanarkshire) 8. Danzzza - Berwick upon tweed (Like ON the border) (Technically on english side of border, scottish postcode though :S) 9.C-Max Boy1983 - Edinburgh 10. Iael18 - Balloch (west Dunbartonshire) 11. davedon067 - Dundee (Tayside) 12. DutchasFRP - South Ayrshire 13. DAS - Thurso 14. fords r us - falkirk 15. Raizak - North Ayrshire 16. John21 - ABERDEEN!!! 17. RichardICE - Inverness 18. UK345- Glasgow 19. Nicola88- Aberdeen 20. Ben - Prestwick (South Ayrshire) 21. michael25 - Rutherglen (Lanarkshire) 22. CharlieFarlie - Charlie...( Burntisland Fife.) 23. bruce540150 - brookfield 24. silver53 - paisley 25. Twisted - Livingston (west Lothian) 26. Sapprs - Livingston (west lothian 27. Derek (dw1921) Livingston (west lothian) 28. Jackie - Aberdeen 30. Motocrossmad- bishopton (glasgow, Sat and sunday) Edinburgh (Mon to Friday) 31. D4nz0 (danny)- East Ayrshire 32. arbgarry - South Ayrshire
  10. i used to do alot off off roading, now i seem to do way more modifications for other 4x4 owners, rock sliders, winch bumpers, suspension lifts, me and my mate are in the middle of building a challenge spec mk3 hilux at the moment.
  11. hahahah, no not in a dirty way, its easyl lead astray with the plasma cutters and welder kind of way! well this went in like this and came out like this inbetween it looked like this
  12. a sticker is nothing compaired to what i normally do to my cars! haha lets just say my garage is a odd place to be sometimes :)
  13. its deep, down to bare metal will get it repaired at some point, most probly when it needs a few bits touched up
  14. got some white and black ford badges from dmb, super quick delivery to!! also got a sticker to cover a huge !Removed! stonechipp on the bonnet
  15. Your engine is a 1.4, its the same as my 2011 1.4 tdci