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  1. 2006/06 Smax Dvd Upgrade

    Thanks a lot! When my antenna arrives, I will give it a try. :)
  2. 2006/06 Smax Dvd Upgrade

    I see...I have to get one of those still! :( Was it easy to mount it on the dashboard? The wire is not visible, right? A noob like me would be able to do it? Thanks again and sorry for bothering you with all these questions!
  3. 2006/06 Smax Dvd Upgrade

    Hi again. When you bought the radio it also came with the GPS antenna? Care to tell me where you bought it? Was it from a Ford dealer? I'm asking this since you have installed an interior gps antenna... Thanks a lot! :)
  4. 2006/06 Smax Dvd Upgrade

    Hello. Could you tell me where you bought the antenna from? Or atleast what is the connector type needed for it? Thanks! :) Nuno
  5. Convers+

    Just tried to lever down the lower fascia but it didn't move... :( Is there any special trick? You just push it down or you push it towards you? Thanks again!
  6. Convers+

    Thanks for replying! I still haven't received the panel yet but as soon as I have it, I will give it a try. :) Regarding mileage, there is no other chance then to correct it at Ford, right?
  7. Convers+

    Hello. I bought one of these Convers+ panel. But now how to take out the old panel? Is it easy to do or is it better for Ford to do it? Thanks for your help! :D
  8. 2006/06 Smax Dvd Upgrade

    Hello. I'm also thinking in upgrading from the square 6006 to the oval Blaupunkt TravelPilot FX. You didn't need any aditional adapters? Where have you placed the GPS antenna? Thanks. :)