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  1. Play in Steering Rod

    Got it off with some help from a friend. the OS is RH thread. Thanks again for your help. Best wishes Paul
  2. Play in Steering Rod

    Thank you for the quick reply, I was wondering if stilsons would do the trick but was concerned about damaging it. Do you know if it is RH or LH Thread? It is on the Offside. Thanks Again Paul
  3. Hi Everyone, Please could someone give me some advise. My wife has a 2004 (04) Sport KA. It has recently failed it's MOT on play in the steering rack. When I removed the steering rack gatter the play is in the ball joint of the steering arm rack end (not the track rod end). My question is how the hell does it disconect from the rack? I have tried undoing it with grips and cant get it to shift. Local ford dealers want £120 + VAT labour plus £80 + VAT for the rod. Any advice will be greatly appriciated. Thank You Paul
  4. Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick line to say what a great forum you have here. Best Wishes Paul