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  1. Coil Pack

    on the basis that I have only ever filled the water bottle and never even touched anything in the engine area. I can only assume that they must have done it when changing coil packs or servicing the car etc. I have had my suspicions about the water bottle since new - I couldnt understand why the water bottle light kept coming on after only what seemed like a few squirts. Thanks for your input
  2. Coil Pack

    They have just phoned me to say that the wireing loom has a nick in it whatever that is? They then went on to say that I need a new washer bottle - £48. and 4 new tyres at cost of £62 per tyre - cheeky sods
  3. Coil Pack

  4. Coil Pack

    Hi I have a focus that is 2 years old in the last 12 months I have had 4 coil packs fitted. The last one was fitted a week ago and prior to that july. The car is back in the dealers this morning as the engine management light is back on and the car is missing. When I picked the car up last week I asked what could be causing the coil pack to keep failing. The dealers could or would not help they said that their checks showed that the pack was faulty and they would not look at anything else. Please help - what are my rights the car is still under warranty - I phoned Ford customer service and they told me it is the dealers problem. Last week the dealers told me it was Ford who built it. Can I take Chambers to Court??? If they will not fix the problem or look for the cause??