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  1. Mot Fail

    Hi its the brushes need sorting out ,i have looked at radio and its a rds5000 but im still looking for serial number not sure where it will be jen ;)
  2. Mot Fail

    Hi also how much it will cost to get my radio code from ford thank jen :P
  3. Mot Fail

    Hi thanks for helping i think i mean rear suspension mountings but the help you have given me is great thank you jen
  4. Hi to all this is my first time in this forum iwas hopeing some one may be able to help i took my car to get it looked at for mot they have said it needs a front exhaust system rear suspension mouldings a new tyre front brake pads £700 does this seem about right or could i perhaps get the parts my self and get it done cheaper anyhelp would be great i have a focus estate 1600 thanks jen