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  1. especially now with the release of kinect
  2. got them both.. xbox all the way!
  3. lol!
  4. very smart and tidy
  5. my mate has just bought a sportex exhaust system sounds nice and not too loud!
  6. best way is to seek legal advice
  7. very nice car! best colour by far!
  8. not hard to do at all, plenty of guides on the net, try google :D
  9. could be your fuse, i had the same problem on my fez
  10. professionally, yes you can get it done, but i imagine it would cost quite abit, go for a re-map :)
  11. same prob with mine, got the AUX button but instead cant see no jack :D
  12. yup direct swap matey!
  13. great choice of car!
  14. I was thinking about having diamondbrite done myself.. taking into consideration the price, and the joy of washing and waxing my own car, i thought it was a waste of money and time.
  15. £41? .... ouch..