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  1. Tail Gate Unlocks For No Reason - Safety Issue!!

    Hi there, I'm also having locking troble on my focus as well. To be honest these locking issues are very common in the ford focus ranges. It could be a number of things such as, Faulty Central locking/Alarm module, a fuse, either 63 or maybe another number depending on your vehical or faulty wiring to the book lock. I'm currently going throw all the possible issues one by one when i get spare time, you mite have to do the same untill you figure it out.
  2. Central Locking Issue "help!"

    Hi there, jeebowhite suggested looking for water marks which i will do this week end, however i will most probably have to change to wiring inside the passenger door, does any one know what the part number is or what the part is called so that i could see what it looks like, how much it costs and how easy it is to repair it myself. Regards Shane
  3. Central Locking Issue "help!"

    Thanx for that. the site states maybe water has got inside the passenger door damaging the wiring and causing fuse 63 to keep shorting. Which could make sense cause as while ago i woke up to find that my window strip on the passager side had gone leaving quiet a considerable gap. Allowing water when washing the car or rain to enter the door. i have yet to replace it due to being lazy which its look i'm paying the price for.
  4. Central Locking Issue "help!"

    Hi there, I own a ford focus V REG Zetec model. I’m having what seems to be a very common problem. My central locking is playing up. The passenger door will not lock with or without the key. The lever inside the door is jammed, it won't move to engage the lock. The buttons on the fob key don't work and the button to open the boot near the steering wheel doesn't work either. I brought a hayes manual and tried researching but the following things I have tried haven’t work, I changed fuse number 63 which was blown. The boot button near the steering wheel started to work but after about an hour it wouldn't and the fuse had blown again. I brought a new central locking/alarm module, PART NUMBER 98AG-15K600-EB, this again made no difference. I also tried re-programming key, turning four times untill you hear a chime, press unlock but i never heard the second chime to show it had been re-set. I brought a new fob key battery but nothing has worked. I am now tempted to take the passenger door apart to have a look at the wiring but i don't know what to look for. I've read to use WD40 over the lock ,will this method really work??? Can someone please help me, the last thing i want to do is take it to ford who will charge a fortune and it turns out that it was something i could of done. Regards Shane