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  1. 55 Reg Fiesta 1.25 ABS warning light intermittent

    Hi I own a 2006 Fiesta Zetec S (Mk6), which i took it for its M.O.T. and 3rd Service today (to the local dealership). I knew there was a problem with the car as the ABS Warning light was on. However i was shocked at being told i would have to pay £88.80 to get the problem diagosed. This was nothing compared to being told i needed to pay £925.07 to have the ABS module replaced in order to pass the M.O.T. Unfortunately i am unable to afford this amount, and can no longer use my car. I cant believe that such a major part has already failed, especially as the car is only 4 and a half years old and only done 30000 miles. Please help!