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  1. Ford Puma Rs2000 Anyone?....

    Thanks. Ill check it out :) Deffo... ;)
  2. Ford Puma Rs2000 Anyone?....

    As the title suggests, Anyone ever (or came across anyone) who has managed to drop a RS2000 engine into a Puma. Just an idea I'm toying with right now :) Thanks Steve
  3. Newbie Here :)

    I wouldnt shame myself lol. Its a T reg with afew scrapes & dents and 120,000 odd on the clock :o
  4. Newbie Here :)

    Hi guys New here and looking for some advice on a possible project (I'll be asking around the relevent sections). Currently driving a bog standard mk4 Fiesta (1.8d) mainly because I do discos and needed a car that would tow a small trailer lol. Anyway, now I've got a van I'm looking for a car/project I can keep for pleasure. Anyway, hello :) Steve