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  1. It would be nice to see a sedan version of the fiesta imported. You'd be unique for sure!
  2. Sorry they don't do 195/50 16's Jerry. As much as i would say this size will be better for stability. The 195/55/15 will improve comfort. The actual tyre is very grippy and has been amazing for the climate we have right now. If it gets worse it can only get a little better. Cross climate all around has felt quite nice from summer tyres. I'm sorry i never got to try these on the fiesta before i sold it. My civic would slip and slide on slick roads. The actual tyres is rock solid. I love it.
  3. I wouldn't of thought 195 -> 205 would fit considering this only increased the width making them wider. You are better staying with 195/50/16. This is used on 2013+ models. It does take the speedo up 3.26%. That will knock the speedo out considerbly more. I went from 195/45/16 to 195/55/15 2.41% more It is suggested to not take it any more or less than 2.5% from factory fitted otherwise you'll likely need a speedo recalibration.What an incredible difference on smoothness when it comes to bumps and pot holes. Remember the second digit always increases the size of the tyre. The width wouldn't do much apart from rub on the arches when turning the wheel.
  4. Michelin cross climate they feel very grippy, wet and dry warm and cold. Wish i had done it a long time ago. Saves you having to worry about a really bad winter and not being prepared while the prices go up and the stock runs low. Hopefully we won't have a seriously bad winter for awhile but be prepared. Still perfect in summer weather here in devon in September almost october as well!
  5. Mine had been known to occasionally reset it self back to 22 and turn the A/C on. Usually i have it on Auto 20 / AC OFF. Not sure what does it. It didn't happen frequently. I just know it did reset itself back to 22 with the a/c on. The oddest behavior i ever had was fan blowing at full speed when i would start the car. I eventually found taking the fuse out of the glovebox and reinserting it fixed this. Otherwise it's shouldn't be anything to worry about. If it was doing it more frequently i'd question it.
  6. The first reply might be right it could possibly be a bearing but i would of thought it would of done it in both directions. If you have looked could you post a quick video via youtube? Might give us a better understanding. Maybe top strut mounts for suspension as well that has been known to make a clicking type noise. Little bit of play in that side. Hope you get on well and find it.
  7. Click noise? Check for a stone or nail in tyre. Does the squeak happen when pressing the brakes in reverse?
  8. Gosh no. Honda Civic 2.2 diesel. I was eyeing a Ford Focus. I wanted the newer shape but in Titanium and couldn't accept the extra cost.
  9. I feel guilty but i needed a bigger car. I hope the new owner enjoys her because i had zero issues and maintained it to the highest. It was sold 2 week after doing so.
  10. i hope i've read this topic right Brake disc/pads worn @ 10,000 miles? 62 plate? My brake bads didn't need replacing until 45,000 miles. 60 plate and at the 3rd year service. Disc didn't need to be replaced but i did it anyway. Something is not right there.
  11. If it was part of the accident, do not accept. Take it back and tell them you want it fixed.
  12. The 195/45/16 wheel should fit in the wheel well without the foam box. I had a tyre in there and the bits floating around and if the tyre fits, i know the entire wheel+tyre will. You'll just have to find a suitable place for the other bits to fit. puncture repair kit, tow bar, etc...
  13. Load of !Removed! surely they shouldn't be having that many issues with the automatics. It has to be purely down to powershift. I mean America is built on them and we never put the car in neutral. Park and Drive / Reverse. The handbrake almost never gets used either.
  14. When you stomp the brake pedal all the way to floor it engages the back brakes as well. You should hear a creaking noise from the drum brakes with the brake pedal all the way to the floor. Similar sound to having the handbrake on and it creaking when it takes the full weight of the car. I didn't know this either. i went back to the local repair shop and they had told me all they did was replace the brake pads and discs and that was that. I i could've sworn he said he adjusted something but i dont know. I just know that scratching, creaking sounds are all gone. So either i got a bad set of brake pads or the disc was warped in some way. But the brake pads from Ford which had motorcraft on the backside are totally dinged sanded and look as if someone took a hammer to it. I dont want to say this will fix your issue but i'd take it to a local repair shop that you can trust. I used one from the good garage scheme if you get nowhere from your local dealer.
  15. Have you had the handbrake adjusted by any chance? My local garage took the car and he went out with me and saw all the noises. Decided lets replace the discs and pads to make sure. The noise was worse so they decided to check the slack and loosen up the brakes considering how firm they where. Problem solved and no more issues. I actually cant believe it. No more werid horrible noices. I have yet to go back tomorrow and triple check it was how tight and firm the brakes where to begin with, Ford had made a terrible mess of the brake pads i had purchased from them. They had uncessory cuts and dings in them from them thinking it was the pads and they still squeeked to high heaven. I also think the brakes are electronically adjusted and can be slightly adjusted manually. So the adjustment manually did the trick. Something the local dealer didn't have the equipment to change it electronically. I almost want to take the pads back that i purchased in December 14 and say refund me... Either way new pads, discs and brakes that dont make me feel as if i'm going through the windscreen anymore. braking is quiet as can be and sharp when i need it. Just goes to show it's not the quality of the products that matters but the quality of work put into it.