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  1. thank u all nice say happy birthday to me and me look good nice on facebook me all thank u all facebook

  2. My birthday today hahaha

    1. jmurray01


      Happy Birthday! Haha.

  3. me miss. if u want meet me thk u mate

  4. my birthday tmw will be 37 year old

  5. my birthday tmw will be 37 year old

  6. me been add of freind with u today me waiting for u and me have look pic of beauileu. i miss u see meet u thk u mate paul

  7. u add of freind to me fordmondeozetec thk u mate paul

  8. hi how r u. how get on beauileu plz can show all photo me have look. thk u mate paul

  9. plz can everything photo of beauileu simlpy ford plz let me know thk u all mate paul

  10. my birthday 5 day go

  11. if anyone want me plz u look my moblie number 07526688752 text. thk u

  12. hi everyone hope well bec me not happy can,t go bec me haven,t got money sorry me will go next year hope plz everyone look after me help thk u mate

  13. wht about beaulieu bec me go there on 1st may??

  14. my car finish build up my mondeo st200 bodykit wow

  15. hi how r u me want go to beaulieu can put my car mondeo. plz let me know