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  1. I have a 2004 focus tdci, just had new dmf, starter motor and clutch fitted. i have had the car about a month. when starting the car it makes a metallic squeaking noise, and when i turn the engine off it shudders and feels like the whole engine vibrates (it has always done this- before and after the new dmf). Another problem that has just happened with the car is that a few times it has not started at all. i turn the key and there is nothing at all apart from a quiet short click from the battery. this happened a lot the other day but when i went back to it about half an hour later it would start. i would then drive it round the block, turn it off and it would not start again. But today it has not happened at all. other than this the car drives fine no problems. i have already spent a lot of money on the car changing the dmf and so am a bit fed up with it all as only had it a month!! any ideas?