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  1. Ah cool, doesn't look to complicated. So if I simply just swap the GEMs over, the remote key fob will work (for locking/unlocking)? No other mods needed? Then after that, sort out the key blade and done? Thanks so much for taking the time by the way!
  2. I'll run out and look if there's a keyhole in the passenger. I think there may well be. The older fiesta is definitely after 01/99. It's a 3 button transponder. Where abouts is the GEM in the old fiesta? Is it a plug and play type thing, or will I need to start splicing and dicing?
  3. Ideally both, but just top open would be fine. As far as I can see, I can get the blade cut from ebay for not too much cash. So that could be the easy part?
  4. OK, here's what I have. I have an old '99 Fiesta Ghia that's due to go off to the scrappers. It's a non runner, so no use to anyone. Anyway, I still have the remote key fob which works fine. I just bought a 2001 Mk5 Fiesta Freestyle. However, it just has the two in-slot keys. So, before the old car gets picked up, is there anyway I can reprogram the remote key fob to work with the 2001 fiesta? The keys all have a red tab at the top, so I'm wondering if I can just take the transponder out of one, would that work? Cheers
  5. I bought this car brand new in 2001 and I've seen it around Cambridge area a couple of times. Anyways, I just wondered as it's still knocking around if the current owner is interested in selling? It's a 2001 Zetec 1.25, no aircon, white dials, etc. Also, I think I left a CD in the car when I part ex'd it... lol
  6. Engine Rattle At Idle. Worried!!

    My Mk3 Mondeo died with this! I was bombing down the M11 and the butterfly flaps came apart and disappeared into my engine, leaving me with a totalled car on the side of the road. To make matters worse, I had a car full of band gear and the AA bloke wouldn't tow me because of the load. I had to get a mate to rescue my gear so the AA could tow me. So yea, word to the wise. Sod the cost, get the manifold done or find yourself without a car! It was nice that this known issue was flat-out denied by Ford Customer Services.
  7. Could I ask a favour? Could someone measure the interior height of the bootspace on their Fusion for me? Basically, as demonstrated in the photo. Much appreciated in advance!
  8. Problems With Ford Fiesta 1.3 1997

    Hmmmmm, not really... if you ran out of brake fluid you would need to bleed the system when it's topped up for sure, but I would have thought that the garage would have done that for you. If you're worried there's no harm in getting your braking system checked out and I would heavily advise you do so even if you only suspect there's an issue. You don't want to be in a car and the brakes fail on you - trust me I had that in my old Astra. It really is not fun! It's not a challenging job to bleed the system, but I'd sooner have a garage do it, especially as you need the throttle sensor looked at anyway. Call it 30 minutes labour well spent. You can do it yourself though, if you're handy. IT's just a matter of releasing the bleeder screw on the slave cylinder, let it drip, close it up when it's steady and check that it will engage gears (with the engine running). If it's having difficulty going into gear, then you'll need someone to push the clutch to the floor while you close the bleeder back up (With the clutch allt he way down). You may need to repeat that a few times. If you want to check the clutch is not slipping, there is a simple test you can do. Get on a quiet road, going about 20mph and engage the highest gear and push the accelerator to the floor. If the car grumbles a lot and judders, but does gain speed very very slowly, then the clutch is fine. If the car judders and grinds to a halt, then the clutch is slipping and needs to be checked out. The issue you're describing regarding the engine revs is a common one and exactly the fault my Mom's Ka had. I cannot remember if there was difficulty in gear change after the engine rev'd, but I can always ask if you would like. The garage may offer to adjust it, but you're wasting your time. Go for a replacement from the get go. I've never fitted one myself so I can't say how easy it is.
  9. Fiesta Mystery Starting Issue

    ^^ good point, totally forgot! Yep, I kinda prefer his answer!
  10. Problems With Ford Fiesta 1.3 1997

    Common issue with the 1.3 Endura engines apparently. Common diagnosis is throttle sensor - at least that's what my Mom's Ka had. She got half way through explaining the fault and the guy put his hand up and said "Yep, get lots of those". Fixed for free under ford direct warranty so don't know cost, sorry.
  11. Fiesta Mystery Starting Issue

    Battery or alternator I suspect. If the car recovers fine, then I would hedge my bets on replacing the battery. If the alternator was faulty, it would never recover.
  12. Mk 5 Fiesta Heating Issue

    For what it's worth, I found the same thing with the mondeo: Ford parts would go the distance, cheap aftermarket parts wouldn't. The Mondeo used to eat coil packs. A cheap part would last 2 months tops; I'd get a good year out of the Ford one. For the extra cash, I'd say it's just worth doing it right the first time.
  13. OK got a few lined up to check out this weekend. Question... one is £1150 at 70k miles and the other is £750 at 120k miles. Both similar in terms of spec, age and recent MOTs (<2 months ago). Should I go for the cheaper car with more miles, or the more expensive car with less miles? This would affect how much I could spend on repairs if needed - working to a budget here.
  14. Mk6 Engine Repair!!

    If you can do the work yourself, I'd personally take the risk! £400 on a 28k lump with a warranty has to be worth it, it's less than scrapping yours and replacing it I'd wager! I'd just make sure and get a nice long warranty with it, though. Also, for the engine code...
  15. Mk6 Engine Repair!!

    If you can do the work yourself, I'd personally take the risk! £400 on a 28k lump with a warranty has to be worth it, it's less than scrapping yours and replacing it I'd wager! I'd just make sure and get a nice long warranty with it, though. Also, for the engine code...