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  1. Happy Birthday IceDiesel!

  2. Replacing Front Bumper

    Dead easy - we changed the bumper on my 03 plate yesterday! Remove the wheel arch lining on both sides then undo the bolts on either side of the bumper it should just pull out as there are only clips holding it to the front grille. You will need the bonnet up tho!
  3. How Much For A Rear Bumper Respray?

    Just cost me £80 to have a front bumper for my Focus resprayed which I thought was pretty good considering I had some quotes of £200+!
  4. Wanted Black Mk1.5 Focus Front Bumper

    Good luck with your search - just got a blue one for £40 that I need respraying white!
  5. Speedo Not Working

    From what I remember the known problem with the instrument cluster, which was highlighted in the Watchdog programme, affected the whole cluster, all the gauges froze as well as the speedo Had this on my 03 plate - as Ford knew about it the replacement cost me £120 compared to the £400+ that it could have done! Also with mine all the warning lights flashed and looked pretty cool even if it was scary x
  6. show off your 5 door foci!!!

    Slightly modified Focus here - got clear side repeaters, towbar(!) and hopefully will be adding front fogs soon lol x
  7. Bumper!

    Already watching some on ebay - will a mark 1 Focus switch do the job or does it have to be from a similar age car to mine?
  8. Car Tax!!

    245 for a year!!! thats 10 up on last year and it's only half a car crazy!! Hate to really upset you but one of my best buddies has a 2.2 Vectra SRi and thats how much her tax is - thats twice the car body size of yours!!! My lovely 1.8 Focus TD Di is £130 a year now x
  9. Bumper!

    Thanx Jeebo, hubby thought that was the case but I just wanted a second opinion x
  10. Faulty Dashboard Displays - Connect L200

    Had this with my Focus last year and it is a bit hairy when the speedo goes! The problem with mine was a Ford recognised fault - they had a dodgy batch of instrument panels and my 03 plate was one of them. I googled it then went to my local dealer who, as it was a problem they knew about, charged my £120 to do the job. Took about 3/4 of an hour but the only problem was they couldnt write the mileage to the new dash which meant that about 112k got written off LOL! Hope this helps x
  11. Bumper!

    I have a bumper from a local scrappie but now I need a respray on it as my Focus is white and the bumper is blue! When its done I'm looking at getting some fog lights to go in it and make the car look better. How easy is it to do this and is the wiring already there or will I need a loom for it? As before any help is much appreciated x
  12. Bumper!

    Had a wonderful birthday present yesterday - some oldie decided to try and get his Kalos to mate with my Focus! Needless to say we had a bit of a collision but his car came off worse than mine did. As a result I need a new front bumper for an 03 Focus - any ideas as to where I can get a cheap one? Colour isnt a problem as I can always get it resprayed to match mine. Also had to get a new number plate as it was cracked. Any suggestions will be much appreciated x
  13. Had that happen on my Brava a couple of years ago so I really feel for you. The best option for me was to get a second hand engine as the valves had shot through and completely knackered the engine! As for mechanically minded my dear beloved and dad did mine with the help of Haynes, neither are very mechanically minded! As for your Focus see what the garage say and try the local scrappies for an engine and hopefully find someone who can fit it for you. Hope this helps and good luck!