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  1. Hi guys. I have a Ford Focus 1.6 Ghia, 62000 on the clock. 2005 It is a excellent drive and used to start up first time but unfortunately it has now become faulty. Now the car drives all well for hours but when i do switch the engine off at times and come back to it the car doesn't start, it doesn't even crank. everything else works, like radio, electrics central locking etc. I called up a ford focus specialist of gumtree. he stated i needed a new ecu as there was a connection lost some where, he then said that i had a dry connection in the front fuse so he sprayed it with some sort of cleaner. the problem was still there. its very annoying, the car isn't showing a fault codes. your help is much appreciated.
  2. I have a Ford Focus 1.6 Ghia, 2005. I had water in the spark plug wells, after finding out, I had the HT leads changed, the core plugs changed, the wind screen washer jets changed (Orignal for part, without leak fault) and had a service done on the car, the car still jerks while driving, don't know what else to, some help will be much appreciated.
  3. Hi mate, If your focus is is between 1998 - 2002 then the front door speakers are 5x7 direct fit or you can also fit 6x9 but it will require adaptor for mounting. and you will need a iso cable for your stereo and a facial panel which can be baught from ebay. any further info just ask.