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  1. TSB would be good as I have next service in 1,000 miles so could support my complaint with the appropriate documentation. Mine has done it for the last 10k miles.
  2. I have this on my 1.6 tdci. Has done it now for approx. 6months. Dealer reckoned it was hill hold and fobbed me off saying that they did a 'software update'. Funny thing is, it happens whether you are uphill, downhill or on the flat ! I'm certain it is the clutch and it seems to occur more when the car is nicely warmed up after a run for eg. It sounds like clutch squeal on mine but without the slipping, you still have good drive.
  3. Hi Colin Never bothered, got used to it in the end.
  4. Don't do it.
  5. I'm not too bothered either but just noticed it when car was defrosting the other day. Thought it might have been after work by Ford dealer.
  6. Well that post wasn't particularly helpful as the DRL's on the Titanium X are factory fitted not cheap Chinese imitations. The rest of the bulbs are all the factory originals too !!
  7. Lights still not 100%. DRL's now seem to flicker quite noticeably when car first started. Just wondered if this was down to the cold weather with the front and rear screens on and the heater on full demist. Anyone else's do this or it is a trip back to the dealers ?
  8. Perhaps it has shown up on mine before yours Chris because I'm now on 40,000 miles. Do I use my car more than yours so the headlights have seen more use ??
  9. Bulbs run too hot / draw too much current which damages the wiring perhaps ?
  10. Car back from dealers with fully functioning headlights once more :)
  11. Been and booked car in for Friday. Seen Technical Bulletin and it does involve replacing the headlight bulbs and headlight connectors / wiring.
  12. Mine is a July 2011 build for information.
  13. Probably won't issue a recall as it isn't a safety issue (unless car catches fire)
  14. For those who have the Titanium X with the xenon headlights you may or may not be aware of this issue already. First off my cornering lights stopped working and then strangely started working again. Then last week I got a 'Headlight Malfunction Service Now' message come up on the dash and the Xenon's are now pointing down in their lowest position (to avoid dazzling apparently). Car went into dealers and it is a fault that Ford already know about. It requires replacement wiring looms/connectors and headlight bulbs. The service manager told me that the fault occurs when the wiring overheats.
  15. I have all the 'faults' you list except the steering wheel buttons not working. My mpg is showing 48.5 average over the last 11,000 miles and I have only got 500 miles out of a tank on a handful of occasions. Normally get around 480.