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  1. damn, thats a pricey business. ok,thanks !
  2. hiya,i want to cut a spare key for my '05 mondeo,but so far i've only been quoted £60 upwards just for a standard key.Anyone know where i could get one for cheaper ? around leeds if possible ! cheers
  3. the seller reckons the clutch has been done already considering its mileage- but that's just what he says, there's no receipt to back that up. It feels all right though, so touch wood it'll be fine !
  4. just bought a 55 plate tdci and finding the same problem. its fine after a while but reverse especially can be really hard to engage. box feels fine otherwise. mine is a 6 speed. anyone else experienced that ?
  5. thanks for your input ! i now have found a mondeo estate tdci 130 with 100 000, it's on an 05 plate so not so recent aynmore, but in very good nick, It's a Ghia too, so plenty of toys and especially a great stereo (i certainly concur with itsrelfy on that). It feels really tight and you couldn't tell its done the mileage. Unfortuantely i don't have as detailed a history as yours, but its got all the stamps and a receipt for a new turbo at 70 000. Only been driving it for a day and the only thing that bothers me a bit so far is a really hard to engage reverse, but maybe i just need to get used to the gearbox, i have a 3 month warranty so if it's too bad i can always bring it back !
  6. Hi again, thanks for all your comments ! Still without a car, but I just tried the mondeo 130 for sale just behind my house, and i'm really impressed by how it drives. It looks in really good condition in and out. The only thing that slightly worries me is what you said about the DMF. The car has 105000 on it and no indication that the clutch has been changed yet. It has all the stamps from the same garage, but no detail of what work was done on each service. It did feel absolutely fine when i drove it, but i wouldn't really want to have to fork out about £600 to change the clutch/DMF in the first year of ownership ! Do they really have a short lifespan ? How can you tell its on its way out ?
  7. Thanks again for the info. I've already got my eyes on a few mondeo's (115 and 130), but what i'm really trying to work out is whether it's worth shelling out to get a car with reasonable miles on it (ie 70 to 80000 ish) rather than get one with higher miles (100000ish is the most common) and save about a grand. But yeah, you're right, there's loads of them and they tend to be always priced similarly according to mileage rather than spec, so it's really a matter of finding the best compromise. 6 speed box rather than 5 is tempting, but then again the economy figures are pretty similar apparently so i'm not that fussed really, however the 130 is in a different insurance group isn't it ?
  8. Thanks for that ! i may well look for one of those, then again, the 115 version i tried was pleasant enough to drive anyhow. Would you say the car still had a lot of life left in it when you sold it ? there's one for sale really near my house for just over £3,500 but it has 105000 miles on it, so i'm a bit worried it would be a risky buy... oh, and another point of detail: do you know when the cam belt was changed on yours? i've been told its 100000 on the focus but it would be useful to know for mondeos too. thanks !
  9. thanks a lot for the info yeah, i need to do more research on auto trader. the car i've seen were actually under the 5000 mark, tough reduced from about 5250 in the mondeo's case. So did you have any problems with your focus ? how come you ended up trading it for kia ?
  10. thanks a lot for the replies ! i am referring to estates in both cases. the car sleeps in the street so it doesnt matter too much about the size, though i can see that a focus estate has dimension that may make it easier to live with especially when driving around town. I enjoyed driving the one i tried, i thought it felt a bit more nimble than the mondeo, but it was really stripped down in terms of equipment. not even a trip computer or outside thermometer ! also i am referring to the second to last shape, yes, thats all i can afford unfortunately. do you also happen to know much about the mondeo tdci 130 6 speed, in terms of running costs, added performance, reliablility (for example, could the gearbox be more fragile, parts availibility etc... ) ? is it worth looking out for one of those if i wanted to go the mondeo way ? Finally, what would seem like a reasonable price for a 80,000 miles car on a 55 to 56 plate ? it seems the focus tends to have similar price tags for similar year / mileage, if not slightly dearer... phew, i think thats it ! thanks !
  11. Hi, i'm looking to buy either a second hand 5 year old (ish) mondeo or focus estate. The two cars i have seen so far have similar power (both tdci 115, i believe mondeo is a 2.0, focus a 1.8), and i can't decide which is best. The mondeo is much better equipped, but then i realise that running costs on a focus may be lower, and it has a slighlty more modern feel... Can anyone tell me about their experiences with these cars, and whether they know if the running costs really do differ ? (cost of parts / servicing / mpg etc...). Also do they differ much in terms of reliability ? Thanks !!!