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  1. Mk7 Fiesta SUB question Head unit

    Try searching google "fitting sub to mk7 fiesta" you'll find loads.
  2. Fuel Consumptoion

    Its the cold weather. My 1.6 goes from approx 36 during the summer down to below 30 in the winter. Seen it as low as 27 when really cold :(
  3. Bad Day Dog Walking

    Yep, sure was. She got distracted by a women waving to her trying to warn her of the tree. Women!
  4. Windscreen Marks

    What grade of wirewool ?
  5. Bad Day Dog Walking

    Speed i'm not sure as she kept out of my way. But at least the dog was ok. Every time she use's it now she gets reminded to watch out for trees. Need a reversing warning that once selected just constantly says mind the tree. LOL
  6. Bad Day Dog Walking

    Got her back, took three weeks. Done a good job, no difference in colour and they painted the bumper as well although this wasn't damaged. They did fit a chrome boot handle but got that changed. Total bill was £2600.
  7. You'll find it in the secret test menu. YouTube search
  8. Parcel Shelf Rattle!

    Hi Adam, i'd take it back to ford and complain as its still under warranty. If you do want to diy have a read. .
  9. No, the cats in the background. Looks like a tabby.
  10. What Rattles In Your Fiesta?

    The Wife's mouth used to rattle on quite a bit about how i drive too fast. Soon put a stop to that, put her in a touring car as a passenger for a quick lap round Thruxton. Haha
  11. Bad Day Dog Walking

    Rather have a piggyback than drive that thing. Even her indoors complaining it has no omph, horrible steering but she does like the dash and touchscreen radio, bout the only good point going for it.
  12. Bad Day Dog Walking

    Car got picked up today by repairers, courtesy car vauxhall adam :(. Nice interior but awfull steering, no feedback. Hope to get the Fiesta back sooner than later.
  13. Nope, The screws are still accessible.
  14. ?, Ill have to take a look tomorrow.
  15. The Mountune Spoiler Extensions are glued on. Probably with Tigerseal and held in place with tape until dry. ​My son has them fitted to his Metal.