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  1. Have a look through my previous posts Bad Day Dog Walking
  2. That's not a dent That's a dent Don't ask how, but we have got parking sensors too.
  3. Using one of these 0805's for 3yrs now with no problems
  4. Did the lorry stop after the accident.
  5. Did you check the coolant level while the engine was hot or cold. If it was cold it'll expand when it gets hot and may reach the max mark. That's why its called an expansion tank.
  6. The tin-plate/alloy covers eventually fall off. You then have to find another size socket to fit. I had to go up the scrappy for 4 new ones because once missing they look sxxx.
  7. Who told you that insurance would be cheaper with mods. I think there pulling your leg
  8. Have you looked at Dunlop's Blue Responce. scores an A for wet grip and only 67dB noise rating.
  9. What ever you do don't paint the drums Red, yellow or any other colour apart from Black or dark Grey. Just my opinion.
  10. Halfrauds do caliper paint. As Ffoxy says Prep is the important bit. Use Brake cleaner to remove all the Grime
  11. Scrap yard gave me 4 when i was in need. Have two spare now. But what a crap design.
  12. sub

    Try searching google "fitting sub to mk7 fiesta" you'll find loads.
  13. Its the cold weather. My 1.6 goes from approx 36 during the summer down to below 30 in the winter. Seen it as low as 27 when really cold :(
  14. Yep, sure was. She got distracted by a women waving to her trying to warn her of the tree. Women!
  15. What grade of wirewool ?