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  1. How to remove wax

    Try looking at the website of the polish manufacturer you've been using. You may find your answer there.
  2. What is it?

    Take it back to the dealer if its a 2015 as its still under warranty
  3. Uniroyal Rainsport 3

    I had fitted 4 Avon ZV7 couple months ago after looking at the rainsports but Avons were slightly cheaper. Both A rating for wet grip, Avon's slightly quieter but there economy slightly heavier. Feel good in the wet. Just wait and see now on the wear rate..
  4. Rock Metallic

    You could always get both wheels done in VW pepper gray and give the bill to your mum.
  5. Think I read on here the connectors are under the scuttle. One of which gets hit by the windscreen wiper mechanism and so develops a fault. Cant help any more than that.
  6. New wheels

  7. New wheels

    Sea Grey
  8. Dent in boot and cracked rear bumper

    Have a look through my previous posts Bad Day Dog Walking
  9. Dent in boot and cracked rear bumper

    That's not a dent That's a dent Don't ask how, but we have got parking sensors too.
  10. Dash Cam

    Using one of these 0805's for 3yrs now with no problems
  11. My new car

    Did the lorry stop after the accident.
  12. Topping up Coolant

    Did you check the coolant level while the engine was hot or cold. If it was cold it'll expand when it gets hot and may reach the max mark. That's why its called an expansion tank.
  13. Wheel nuts

    The tin-plate/alloy covers eventually fall off. You then have to find another size socket to fit. I had to go up the scrappy for 4 new ones because once missing they look sxxx.
  14. Who told you that insurance would be cheaper with mods. I think there pulling your leg
  15. Tyres

    Have you looked at Dunlop's Blue Responce. scores an A for wet grip and only 67dB noise rating.