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  1. Can 1.8 Poor Fuel Econamy Be Solved

    i found out today that all 1.8 focus have the same ecu settings,but yes you are right about the wheels, ahh well just a thought, back to the drawing board
  2. hi, we all know that the focus 1.8 petrol is thirsty ime getting 34.4 mpg in my 2006 focus sport, the thing is at 60 mph it is showing 3000 rpm,when i had a mk1 focus 1.6 it was showing 2000 rpm at 60 mph you would think the 1.8 would be the same or lower?, also today i noticed a 2009 1.8 focus with standard 18" wheels this led me to think do ford use the same ecu settings thru out the 1.8 focus range,if so ford must set up the ecu for cars with 18" wheels because of the size, my 1.8 has only got 16" wheels so to me that says that they will be spinning faster and higher rpm hence the poor fuel consumption, so can ford or a engine tuner do some sort of remap to lower the rpm or should i throw a set of 18" wheels on, what do you think?