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  1. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    It's interesting you had this problem - I think the Ford software might be buggy! I had a similar problem in that the "CD Player fitted" setting got reset, so the USB worked but the thing refused to acknowledge it had a CD Player! They solved the problem by downloading the original factory configuration from Ford (somehow - not sure how this is done) and then re-enabling the two bluetooth parameters. Failing that, perhaps it's possible to download the factory configuration of a car of identical spec that had BT/USB fitted from the factory and put that configuration into yours - I'm not sure. I did manage to get mine working eventually, so don't despair! Colin
  2. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Hi, This sounds just like the problem I had when the garage had only set one parameter. Pressing 'voice'/'external device'/'usb' says "NOT POSSIBLE" also. Enabling the other one got it working. Colin
  3. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Just in case it helps, In steps 13 and 14 above the mention of the "automatic locking" bit should be ignored and replaced with the change to two parameters: Bluetooth module (I think) should be "BT/VC phone interface + USB connection" Accessory module (I think) should be "With USB and iPod function"
  4. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Hi, I had trouble when enabling the module - the person with the IDS machine disabled "CD Player" by accident and it wouldn't re-enable. I had no CD Player! He enabled the CD Player in the configuration, loaded it into the car but no luck. When downloading the configuration back from the car it said "No CD Player". The trick in the end was to download the factory configuration from Ford, then re-enable the two parameters. This fixed the CD Player problem. If it helps, the two parameters needed were (I think) - Bluetooth module (I think) should be "BT/VC phone interface + USB connection" Accessory module (I think) should be "With USB and iPod function" ...there were other parameters though for the stereo - e.g. "No audio unit/Audio unit/Branded audio unit" and "No CD player/Single CD player with MP3" etc. Perhaps there is a parameter to tell it has the high end matrix display which is needed for bluetooth to work? The system seems weird - even though it will have a piece of hardware (e.g. CD player) it will refuse to work unless enabled in the configuration. The other alternative I can think of might be to download the configuration for a car exactly the same as yours, but which has bluetooth fitted from the factory, and then load that into yours? I'm not an IDS expert so not sure if it can be done - but perhaps it would accept that OK. Colin
  5. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    I've not got the USB cable installed yet so can't try out USB. Steering wheel controls work for Bluetooth track changing, and player pauses etc when ignition is turned off. No track info is displayed for BT audio however.
  6. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Hi, Apparently the part number has changed and the 8M5T-19C112-xx module has been replaced with a newer one. I'm using part AU7T-19C112-AR which looks identical, and works OK. I think both part numbers should work - just mentioning it in case anyone is confused while ordering. This order code is for the module only. The module has two connections on it - the large connector just plugs in where the original module is. The other one is the USB socket which must be wired up. The wiring diagrams suggest that the USB socket is in the original wiring loom. Either they're lying or my eyes are duff - I just can't find the USB sockets on my wiring loom. So I'm not currently 100% sure which cable to buy. I think part number 8M5T-14D202 is a service cable used for updating the software on the module. I *believe* this cable will work but won't work to add a connector in the proper place by the handbrake - but might be usable to just have a USB stick in the glovebox or something. This forum http://www.ford-focus.dk/Forum/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?42141 shows some cables and talks about installing into a Focus - not sure which of these parts is applicable to the Fiesta. This guide: http://www.rolfie.eu/fiesta/Inbouwen%20USB%20in%20een%20Fiesta%20MK7.pdf ...shows some pictures
  7. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    I can confirm that this upgrade is possible and now works for me. The "BVC High" bluetooth module appears to have a new part number. I installed module AU7T-19C112-AR to replace the module under the glove compartment, as described earlier in this thread. The next step requires use of a Ford IDS diagnostic machine. - Upgrade the software on the "audio module","speech recognition module", and display module if necessary. The "speech recognition module" is the new module that has just been installed. - Download the car configuration file (CCF) - Edit the configuration. Two options need to change: Bluetooth module (I think) should be "BT/VC phone interface + USB connection" Accessory module (I think) should be "With USB and iPod function" - Upload the configuration back, and USB, Bluetooth audio streaming and ipod should work. If only one parameter is changed the USB/A2DP and iPod options will be visible when pressing "AUX" twice but won't work. The second parameter needed to be enabled in order for it to actually work. It sounds as though Steven (above) only has one of them enabled. Bluetooth audio streaming seems to work well - steering wheel controls change track; it stops playing on the phone when turning off the ignition/switching to radio etc. Hope this helps anyone else who is thinking of the upgrade.
  8. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Hi, Did you ever have any luck getting this problem resolved? I read this guide: http://www.rolfie.eu/fiesta/Inbouwen%20USB%20in%20een%20Fiesta%20MK7.pdf which seems to imply it's easy to get the upgrade done. I ordered the new module, got the dealer to upgrade the software and enable USB and I now have exactly the same problem as you - it jumps back to line in! It seems like there is still one more option to be configured somewhere! Really hoping I can find it as I don't want to have wasted the money! Colin