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  1. hi there thanks for the reply the problem with the lack of power was the turbo was coked solid nearly on the exhaust side cleaned it out and job done car producing boost and driving as it should however I still have no eml on the dash when ignition is turned on but can confirm the light itself works as fine in test mode so may still be a problem with Ecu/cluster and also when left on idle get some blue smoke come out and have read that sometimes a software update can cure this as it's not fueling correctly. just hope it's not the rings on there way out what does your repair consist of is it a software update on the Ecu aswell as Any possible repairs ?
  2. anyone
  3. hi there have spent abit of time today on the car and is not egr is not maf have changed fuel and air filter also throttle position switch dissconected the exhaust from turbo to see if blocked cat/exhaust not completely removed but loosens bolts to let gases escape if exhaust was blocked also I have no engine management light or glow plug light when ignition on but can get lights to come on briefely when plugged into scanner have compared data on mine and my mums fiesta tdci and the only difference is she has a map reading of 13.00 and mine reads 0.00 on snap on scanner do these have a map sensor or is this Ecu problem am out of ideas now short of removing my mums Ecu and clocks and trying them in mine where is the Ecu located and is it possible to swap over without coding sorry long winded but trying to give as much info as poss
  4. hi all just joined up so a quick hi befor I start write I have just bought a 52 reg 1.4 tdci fusion and basically it seems low on power it will get upto 70 after a while but there is defiantly no turbo action going on and on the way back eac fail flashed up but turned it of and not come back on since also noticed there is no engine management light or glow plug light plugged the car in to computer and came up with egr valve insufficient flow or along them lines have looked at the turbo and looked ok from what I could see bit there is abit of blue smoke which led me to think turbo maybe shot but if anyone has any ideas of what could be stopping the turbo to function pls let me know my mum has fiesta tdci so could swap parts to eliminate if needed thanks in advance