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  1. is it only the 95bhp version that has the DPF? I have the 90bhp and only get around 50mpg - that's driving really efficiently mostly motorways. Was wondering if this technique of clearing the DPF would apply to me. Thanks
  2. I'm exactly the same. Bugs me if things aren't right. Might get them bits looked at then before warranty runs out. Brakes seem rubbish! so i'll get them checked for sure! Cheers for the info.
  3. Got my service end of feb so might as well wait. Only real problem is the passenger door seal which keeps coming off and a clunk on steering column on full lock. Both fixed at last service. But the seal is hanging off again! How about you mate? my warranty runs out in march so wanting to get anything done while I can.
  4. I'm having the same problem, when changing from 1st to 2nd and 3rd to 4th. Looks like we all have 2010 Fiestas too, bit of a coinsidence. I'll be sure not to get pied off with a re grease at my next service and ask for new gear cables. Should this be covered under warranty?
  5. I have a Zetec S TDCI 2010, There is no noise if i try driving without my seatbelt on. Should there be!?
  6. I have this problem. Its a muffling sound from the speakers. I asked my dealer about it, but they simply just said that they could not hear anything. Rather annoying. Would love to know if there is a fix.
  7. Phoned Ford customer relations and they have submitted a cost contribution claim for me on the paintwork. They said its likely i wont get anything but worth a try i suppose.
  8. i'll give ford customer services a call tomorrow and complain. i'll make reference to the Act. Cheers for pointing that out Nath. No way should paint be flaking off a 2 year old car.
  9. They said that the paint work warranty only covers rust. I called in at my local family run ford franchise on my way from picking the car up and have booked it in with them to do the door seal, however they too said that the paint work would not be covered. Looks like i'm going to have to pay £XXX for that sorting!
  10. Just dropped my car off for the warranty work. Not very pleased with Polar Ford. Apparently the door seal is not covered under warranty! neither is the fact that the paint is flaking off my rear bumper. i was told that i would not get more than 50 MPG even though the manufacturer spec states otherwise. Plus i felt that their customer service towards me was very poor. I seem to get this a lot as i am 21 but only look very young. I'm sure if my dad took the car in for me it would be a very different story. I'm quite annoyed with them as i know some of you guys have had a complete new door seal fitted under warranty. I wished i had taken it to my local independent Ford dealer now.
  11. i've had it fixed before on my service, and now its off again. Think they just use super glue. would a new seal fix it you think?
  12. I've just booked my MK7 fiesta in for some warranty work...the paint on the rear bumper is flaking off on the edge, the window seal is hanging off, the glass is catching on the electric window mechanism, there is issues with the RPM fluctuating at idle and the windows rattle real bad when they are down and the door is shut. anyone had these problems / had them fixed? What other problems have you had sorted under warranty?
  13. Car looks great mate! Just done mine today. finished it off with Dodo wax and then Super Resin Polish. Not sure if i should have just used wax OR polish. Or whether i should have used polish and then wax. Any chance of clearing this up for me? Cheers.
  14. I have this same problem with my passenger window, and the seal is also coming off at the bottom, which i have had fixed once before! I have also noticed marks on the inside of the window too as if it is dragging against some mechanism and leaving greasy marks on the window....maybe this is why it is slow. I will be booking in for this looking at in the next week or so, will let you know how i get on.
  15. I just need a Nath who lives closer to Sheffield. Or if anyone knows of any garage chains who may be willing to do this kind of work. I really want to get this sorted but don't seem to be getting anywhere! :(