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  1. Ford Sierra GT

    Hi did u find the fuel cut off switch?? I also have the same problem on my k reg sierra gt. Cant find a cut off switch anywhere.
  2. Ford Sierra GT

  3. Fuel Cut Off Switch??

    The sierra sapphire has the cut off switch in the boot, but mine is a hatchback model. Even looked at the haynes manual but was no help. Has anyone out there got a sierra gt that could help???
  4. Fuel Cut Off Switch??

    Hi all ive just joined and need some help. I have a ford sierra gt and fuel pump has cut out, Will work ok when i run wires direct to it. Have looked everywhere for a cut off switch eg in boot, behind kick panels, around enginge bay but can not find one:-(,,,, did the gt sierra come with a cut off switch? Hope u can help thanks.