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  1. Update

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    Slight mods LOL ;)
  3. FOC Age group Poll!

    No way now i feel really old nudging 34 :( that sucks
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  7. PIC of MK2 orion

    Couple of pics of ford orion ghia i picked up 50 thou on clocks and every MOT (old scool) might bring back memories for some old ford heads like me, drove 360 miles after buying no probs (broke down later that night amp on dizzy but now running again no probs :P Old fords dont die they just need more TLC CAIRNS88
  8. New member

    :P Hi all new member just bought a E plate orion 16i ghia 2 owners and 50 thou on clocks has been about 12 years since the last one i owned how old do i know feel anyway just a quick intro 33 live in glasgow and havent seen another MK2 orion for years must be mid life crisis CAIRNS88