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  1. Newbie

    Hello everybody, i'm a newbie to this site. :D I have owned Fords for a number of years and this weekend i have given my Escort to my son and bought a KA2. :D It's gorgeous, ;) i'm happy, and being smaller is nice and easy to handle. B) I have a couple of niggles with it and have asked for help. in a new topic so hopefully some nice kind Ford owner might be able to assist me nice to meet you all :)
  2. Ford Ka2

    Hello, I am the happy new owner of a second hand Ford KA2 (V reg), :) My new car drives brilliantly but i have a couple of concerns and was wondering if anybody out there can help. Firstly the radio won't switch on, the central locking doesn't lock the passengerside, and the automatic boot lock isn't working. I have tried the fuses and they are fine. I would be very grateful for some suggestions thank-you