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  1. Is 12000 Miles Too Far For An Oil Change

    I change my oil and filter every 8000 with ford parts and castrol magnetic oil Not a necessity by any means but just peace of mind :)
  2. Side Skirt End Caps

    Not anymore mate, Ford sell them seperatly! :) Some dealers dont have it on their system yet some do Part Nos: RH side - Finis 1771885 - £10.50 (inc VAT) LH side - Finis 1771888 - £10.50 (inc VAT)
  3. Wilko's Frozen White S1600

    Looks nice mate :) anymore pics of the DRL's? :)
  4. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    Thanks for the guide mate its excellent! :) have you got anymore pictures of the DRL's fitted ? :)
  5. Mk7 Front Strut Brace

    I may be able to get some of these if there is enough people interested? Its the same as the CUSCO Strut Brace, Price Will depend On interest.
  6. Inner Diameter Of Fog Lights?

    Does anyone know the inner diameter of the fog lights on the MK7 or does anyone kindly want to measure it for me? :) Its for the LED rings btw. Cant measure it myself as the car is away being sprayed atm, Thanks in advance, Shaun
  7. Fiesta Mk7- Throttle Hesitation, Is It Normal?

    You can also solve it by pulling the EFI Fuse ;)
  8. Fiesta Splitter

    £62.50 Delivered
  9. Fiesta Splitter

    You get them off this chap :) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Triple-R-Composites/247344178667911?ref=ts However it wont fit the zetec bumper i dont think :( only ST and ZS
  10. Few New Treats For The Mk7 :)

    Ebay mate,
  11. Few New Treats For The Mk7 :)

    Got some new parts for the ZS :) China sport Grill and the Triple R Splitter :) I know all of you will hate the tow strap but i like it :)
  12. Jas,jbs,jh/hd.. What Do They Mean?

    The MK7 Is JA8
  13. Whats The Difference In These Two Finis Codes?

    Its the second one you need, the first only goes upto 2001 where as the second goes to 2005! .
  14. It does seem unfair, and id be doing everything i could to get them done under warrenty! However £52 for spark plugs is extremely steep!!
  15. Peoples Thoughts On This?

    Yeah I'd be fitting it after winter too, that's the delivered price from Poland, price excluding delivery is £100