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  1. Hi

    just change my battery and don't have the code, my serial no M014067.

    Can you help pleeeeeease?

  2. your codes posted in the radio code section m8,

  3. Grateful for key cod for my radio with the serial M211918 Thanks in advance.

  4. E11 indicates an internal fault, see dealer :(
  5. i had a right performance getting mine out, clips are a pain but persist and post your m nunber and il get your code ;)
  6. hi you need to pull the radio out of the dash a few inches then you will see the m number, post the m number then 1 of us will generate your code, ;)
  7. extraction tools are about £4 from a car audio shop,
  8. hi ebays always cheap enough, ;) if you hunt theres an ebay shop called mondeo spares,
  9. your code is 5998 ;)
  10. it seems about right, garage prices vary, it might be worth hunting around your local motor factors for the springs(dont forget to haggle) i recently got a new clutch kit and got the price down almost by £100 by pleading poverty,lol and finding a local mobile mechanic to give you a price for fitting the springs you supply,and to sort your brakes out, though id be supprised if you get the lot done under £200,
  11. your code is 4775 ;) let me know if it works,
  12. your m number was in that load of digits,lolol 8351 ;)
  13. hi jennie, you need to pull your cd out the dash and you will see a model number, if you post it on here i will give you your code, ;)
  14. post the m number and i will get your code, you need to pull the headset out to retrieve it, ;)