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    fiesta 1.25 16v zetec
  1. new engine

    thinkin bout i iv js realise hw stupid that post ws it nt a nu engine its a used engine
  2. new engine

    hi ive got a 1997 fiesta 1.25 zetec and im gettin a new engine fitted is there any way this will affect the performance or feel of my car
  3. How should clutch be??

    ive gt a 1997 fiesta ztec and my biting point is realy low i was kid of curious but it turns out mine is fine
  4. crash :(

    i rekon its do able wt happend if u dnt mind me asking
  5. Jus had my alloys put on

    luks good what are the biggest alloys you can fit on an mk4 fiesta